A rare and unique opportunity has presented itself this past week! Mariette Feltin, a french documentary maker, will visit us this coming Thursday, September 18th  to present one of her documentaries and to talk about her work. Mariette’s work presents a linguistic awareness project that takes place at an elementary school in a small town in Eastern France. The teachers in this school have successfully integrated the parents of culturally and linguistically diverse children in their classroom. In her work, Mariette presents the teachers, the parents, the children, and also a group of student teachers and a professor from the University of Strasbourg, who are learning from this experience.
Mariette’s presence on campus was a sudden opportunity — hence the short notice of this invitation. She happened to be in NYC in September, and she was graceful to accept to visit our campus and present her work without much notice.
Having Mariette on campus would not have been possible without the support of our Deans from the School of Education (Dean Hegedus), the School of Arts and Sciences (Dean Breese), and my colleagues from the World Languages and Literatures Department, Chair Elena Schmitt, and Dr. Lorrie Verplaetse (muchas gracias!!!!).
Please join us:
Thursday, September 18th
ENG B 211
5:00 p.m.
I am sure this presentation will be inspiring for all of us. Please invite your students.
A NEW HAVEN Connecticut, de 17 heures à 19 heures, à la  Southern Connecticut State University, Department of Special Education and Reading
School of Education
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